Life Insurance

Whole life, term life, universal life Which plan best meets your needs?

Life insurance ensures that your immediate family has some financial support in the event that you are no longer around to meet your and their financial needs.  It provides them with a non-taxable source of income upon your death.  It can cover your mortgage, personal loans, and your final expenses.

We offer whole life, term, and universal life plans. Whether your needs are final expenses, mortgage protection, income replacement, or you just want to leave your family a financial gift when you are no longer around, we can help.  In most cases the proceeds avoid the probate judge so the funds are quickly placed in the hands of the policy beneficiary and not held up for a minimum of 90 days in probate.

We can get you covered even if you have been declined.

Key person insurance and incorporating life insurance into a buy-sell agreement protecting the ownership of a company is an important survival decision for many businesses.

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