Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

HAVE YOUR DENTAL NEEDS Covered With Our Insurance Plans

Dental plans vary by coverage limits, deductibles, benefits, waiting periods, and premiums. Employer and individual plans can be PPO or indemnity plans.

If you cannot get dental insurance through your employer you can get a full coverage dental plan through a private insurance carrier.  You may find that a non-employer plan best meets your needs.

Medicare doesn't cover dental procedures except for certain services that you get in the hospital which are covered by Medicare Part A.  A Certified Medicare Insurance Advisor will assist you to determine if you can add a dental plan to your current Medicare plan as a rider or add a standalone dental plan to cover you and your family.

A PPO plan offers you many choices from a network of dentists.  You can visit any licensed dentist but you can maximize your savings and benefits by visiting a network dentist.

An indemnity dental plan, traditional insurance, allows patients to choose any licensed dentist.  Some dentist will file the claim for you and bill you for your portion of the total charge for the services rendered. They can require you to pay the entire bill and you then submit the bill to the insurance company for reimbursement.  Each practice chooses how you are billed.  If you choose a PPO plan the dentists in network are required to file the claim for you and send you a bill for the balance if any.